All Star Team Tryouts: May 2022

It is not too late! Registration is OPEN


How Do I Register? : Star Athletics NJ




How Do I Register? : Star Athletics Atlanta

  • Register on our Online Portal. (Filter: "Tryout Registration" & "Winder, GA"). Our administrative team will catch up with you & schedule your Individual Tryout. 




Prepare for Team Tryouts! Check out our Tryout Playlist on Youtube.


Lift Yourself. The Star Way.









A Formula for Success.

Athlete wellness comes first at Star Athletics.


 Our athletes feel that they are able to achieve success while following our methods.


Our teams have earned titles, year after year, proving that our systems are working.


We continue to stay “Division 1” eligible.


Our customers are happy & engaged.


They stay year after year.


They often recommend us to their friends.



Why do we call our Team Tryouts a “VIP Experience”?


Well… all of our processes are exclusive.


We appeal to kids that want to achieve goals & make the most of their "cheer lives."


Also, our customers are important to us!


We focus on communication & forming strong relationships.




Children are in need, more than ever, of an activity that holds weight in their lives.


They need purpose, an inclusive environment, & positive attention from peers or role models.


Sports play a vital role in keeping our children & society healthy.


Inner strength is created at our gym.


Athletes develop solid routines.


They gain control of their bodies & minds.


They are surrounded by people who feed them positive energy.


Children at STAR Athletics are able to LIFT themselves. (Literally. Have you ever seen them stunt, jump, or tumble?)


But also, they gain so much confidence that there is nothing that can stop them.


Want to lift yourself on a STAR Elite All Star Team?

You must be dedicated, strong, willing to adapt, & be able to cooperate.


Want to lift yourself on a STAR Select All Star Team?

You must be excited about cheerleading & willing to learn.



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