📣 Recreational All Star Cheer Program

📣 No Previous Experience or Skills Required

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*Show Teams will learn routines that encompass all cheer skills including:

Motions, Jumps, Transitions, Tumbling, Stunts, and Dance.



This Program Is Designed For:

Beginner Cheer Athletes, Multi-Sport Kids, Recreational Cheer Kids, Young Performers (Non-Compete, Performance Only) 



Team List & Practice Times (*Ages as of September 30th- match the 2024-2025 School Year)

🔺Monday 4:00-4:45pm

🔺Ages 2-3

*Must be potty trained & able to follow directions for 45 minutes

🔺Monday 4:00-4:45pm

🔺Ages 4-5


🔺Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm
🔺Ages 6-8




Schedule Includes:

📣 8-10 Week Sessions

📣Practice 1x per week 

📣 Fun "Meet & Greet" Night (For Athletes & Coaches)

📣 One Cheer Performance SHOW


3 Sessions Available (Summer, Fall, Winter- See Calendar Below)

Our Show Program Appeals To:

Multi-Sport Kids: Commitment for Show Teams lasts 8-10 weeks.  You may choose your “season” (Summer, Fall, Winter) in order to balance your after-school schedule & participate in other activities. 


Recreational Cheer Kids: Show Teams will only practice once a week, making it easy for them to participate in town cheer programs. The training that SHOW kids receive at STAR Athletics will help them succeed as members of their School/Town programs.


Social Kids: Show Teams will be divided by SCHOOL grades rather than age or skills. This allows children with similar maturity level to “stay together” rather be divided by their tumble or stunt skills.  Socialization with peers is encouraged.


Kids With Different Skills: SHOW Teams will follow the “USASF FUNDAMENTAL” curriculum. They are not bound by typical All Star Scoresheets and Rules. Coaches are able to utilize all Team Members & skills in SHOW routines. Routines will display all beginner skills, as well as skills that may be seen in higher tiers & levels of All Star Cheer. This freedom enables our staff to teach cheer #theSTARway and highlight each individual child. We are proud of our Fundamental Training.


Kids That Love To Perform: The Star Athletics staff will design a culminating “Show” that is entertaining & easy to attend. The STAR Show will be similar to a “dance recital.” All Shows will be less than one hour in the comfort of our own gym. We encourage athletes to invite family and friends & CELEBRATE at the end of each session. 



Well-Rounded Kids: Show Teams are the perfect way to help your child focus on tasks, listen to directions, & retain information. Young children thrive when they have guidance from STAR role models & coaches. Also, our program trains fundamental “sports skills” alongside of “cheer & tumbling” skills. Coordination, flexibility, & strength are all important building blocks for any physical activities your child may join in the future.




📣 Recreational All Star Cheer Program

📣 Register Now- Summer Session



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