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Step 1: Annual Registration: All athletes must be registered as "All Star" or "Part Time" members. This fee is due annually & covers insurance & facility fees. "Part Time" students may complete this step online. (Scroll to "Part Time Student Registration. Make sure to use the ATL location.)  All Star Members, you are already registered. 

Step 2Find Your Class! Our current session is March 1-April 29. Our online system will autmoatically prorate your account if you are late to sign up. Class Schedule & Descriptions

Step 3: Register Online! Click here and scroll down to "STAR ATL Classes."


-COVID-19 POLICIES: Athletes will undergo a temperature check and be given hand sanitizer prior to class. Please DO NOT attend class if you are feeling symptoms of COVID-19.

-DROP IN POLICIES: If you are unable to commit to a full session, you may use our "Drop In" option. $20 for 1 hour. $15 for 30 min. Payment due at window upon arrival. Before attending, please make sure you have completed STEP 1 (see above.)

-QUESTIONS?: E-mail Us