Star Athletics has two training facilites in New Jersey & Georgia. We focus on high quality cheer & tumbling instruction. We train nationally ranked, Division 1 All Star Cheer teams. We also run a variety of camps, clinics, and classes. If you have a cheer or tumbling need, we would love to help!

NJ Location

ATL Location

Who We Train:

We work with hundreds of athletes (ages 3 and up) from areas surrounding Boonton, NJ and Winder, GA. Check out our "All Star Maps" which will show you the reach of our cheer training. 

NJ All Star Map

GA All Star Map


What Makes Us Proud:

We are happy to share the sport of cheer with so many young athletes. We are proud of our classes, events, training methods, and our competitive cheer routines. We are also proud of the lessons our athletes learn and internalize as they train at our gym. The Star Athletics experience is high-quality and not easily duplicated by other sports or programs. 


Our Staff

EXPERIENCE & EXCELLENCE – What makes the staff qualified to train athletes?

Star Athletics offers a credentialed, USASF certified coaching staff made up of former cheer athletes who lived many cheer experiences themselves. The coaching staff spends countless hours on research and planning to ensure that Star Athletics athletes are given proper instruction and a state-of-the-sport training regimen. The Star Athletics staff is experienced working with cheer athletes of all ages. Staff collaboration, from both locations, ensures that our training is consistent throughout our brand.


COACHING PHILOSOPHY – What is the staff’s coaching style?

It is said that we are all products of our environment, so it is important to understand the environment your family is entering when joining an all-star cheer program. The Star Athletics program is inspired by the coaching philosophies and teachings of the late UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden. The John Wooden Success Pyramid is the cornerstone of Star Athletics culture. It teaches our athletes many valuable lessons about teamwork, commitment, personal development and focus. The coaches offer quotes by John Wooden throughout the season and the athletes see these quotes come to life as they participate in the program.


LEADERSHIP – Who is the owner and what is his involvement?

The owner of Star Athletics is Lee Grobstein

  • Owner, Lead of Location Collaboration
  • Team Coach & Tumbling Instructor (NJ)
  • Cheer & Tumbling Supervisor (ATL)

-B.A., in History Education from N.C.State
-Former high school, college, and All Star cheerleader
-Awarded USASF's Gym Owner of the Year Award (2013)
-USASF IMPACT Leadership Training Instructor
-Featured Speaker: USASF Regional Meetings, Varsity University Conferences
-Former Director of Woodward Cheer Camp (PA)

“[Lee] has contributed in ways that have fostered a proactive and positive approach to growing and serving the [All Star] industry with integrity and dignity...The selection committee unanimously agreed that this recipient fully exemplifies the best attributes of Gym Owner of the Year: Leadership through serving and encouraging others, being fully engaged in multiple areas of our organization, and always having as a priority, the growth, image, and integrity of the athlete, coaches, gym owners, and companies that represent our sport.”- Debbie Love (USASF Gym Owner of the Year Speech, 2013)


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Listen to our athletes and parents talk about The Star Athletics Staff.

Our Training

We take time to provide consistent, research based training methods that lead to top notch performances on the floor. Our facility, staff, and equipment all create an environment where a child athlete can safely grow and progress. The STAR kids are truly prepared for their skills.