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Current ATL Facility: Opened in May 2020

750 Tucker Road, Winder, GA

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Gym Features

  • Waiting Area For Parents
  • Team Room For Athletes
  • Pro Shop
  • Office Space
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wireless Sound System
  • Two full sized spring floors
  • One full sized non-spring floor
  • Spring Deck 
  • Tumble Deck (Rod + Tumble Track into pit)
  • Tumble Mats & Equipment

Our Promise To You... Safety Matters!

STAR Athletics has signed up for SportsSani.

SportSani, powered by mPact Environmental Solutions, is an EPA registered commercial grade sanitization treatment for sports facilities that inhibits and prevents the spread of virus, mold and bacteria. The antimicrobial is applied monthly to all of our entire facility including our equipment and our training floors.

This product bonds to the surfaces and is non-leaching. It continuously protects surfaces for a minimum of 30 days and works not with poison, but by puncturing cell walls on a microscopic level.

Also used by the NFL, NBA, NHL and many of the top sports facilities in the country, we have added this monthly treatment as we are dedicated to being one of the cleanest gyms in the country and proud to now have continuous antimicrobial protection in our gym that drastically decreases the level of pathogens inside our facility.



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