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We offer multiple tiers of All Star Cheer based on age, commitment level, & ability. Click here to find out which program works for you and your family. Our initial tryout round has been completed.

2020-2021 Teams

Current Elite Teams
Senior Red (L6)
Senior Black (L5)
Senior Slate (L4)
Senior Platinum (L4.2)
Senior White (L3)
Junior Gold (L3)
Junior White (L2)
Junior Chrome (L1)
Youth Black (L2)
Current Prep Teams 
Junior Silver (L1.1)
Youth Pink (L1.1)
Current Novice Teams
Mini Rubies
Tiny Sparkles
Current FUNdamental Team
Tiny Twinkles
At this time, there are still spots available on many of our teams. We are also able to promise that we have the space and staff to create additional teams, if needed. 


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Did You Know?
-Families typically drive over 40 minutes to Star Athletics. Hear why!
-We offer a carpool group for families to connect and help with the commute.
-2020 All Star Interest + Athlete Map - Click HERE


Star Athletics Team Athletes...

-are encouraged to set goals.

-are given many opportunities for individual skill growth.

-receive excellent athletic training & conditioning.

-are taught valuable life lessons.

-find their strengths, both on and off the mat.

-are given the courage to cope with disappointment when things don’t go exactly as planned.

-feel a sense of community, where everyone feels cared for and supported.

-learn incredible time management skills.