Athletes that wish to be evaluated for ELITE teams at Star Athletics will perform a TRYOUT ROUTINE in front of our staff. To create your routine, read THIS (Parent + Athlete). 

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*Athletes should display skills that are level appropriate and can be performed with confidence. They do not have to be the same skills displayed in each video. Please read this document to select the appropriate level and skills.


Level 6

Level 5

Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1 (Elite)

Level 1 (Beginner or Prep)


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Tryout FAQs:

Q- “Can I be a flyer? On Level 4? Etc.”
A- We do not guarantee positions. All athletes must participate in our Tryout Process if they would like to be placed on a team. Our staff evaluates in person, for multiple sessions. We owe this process to our families, who expect nothing less than our absolute best. 

Q- “I have a skill that doesn’t fit in my tryout routine. What routine should I do?”
A- Please perform a routine where ALL skills fall within the level. Any routine with a “mixture” of levels will be rejected. If you have skills above the level routine that you are performing, you may perform 1 skill AFTER your routine is over. This skill may be taken into consideration while creating Leveled Practice groups. Remember, your “out of level skill” does not necessarily guarantee the position that you may be seeking.

Q- “If I do a certain Level Routine, will I be on that level?”

A- We do not guarantee levels. Some athletes tumble above the level they stunt. Some athletes tumble lower than the level they stunt. Our Leveled Practice System helps us decide where each athlete best fits. It is a very individualized process

Q-"Do I have to do the exact skills that you show in the tryout videos?"

A- The tryout videos are simply examples of the highest caliber of tumbling that we expect. You may do whatever skills you can perform with confidence and without a spot. 

Q-"Do I have to perform a routine?"

A- All athletes that wish to be considered for our ELITE program must do a routine. NJ- If you are interested in our Fundamental, Novice, or Prep program, please attend on the scheduled dates. (No routine required)