Successful Tryout Season!

Lauren Okaly

Star Athletics is happy to announce the successful completion of our "Tryout Season." Both Atlanta and New Jersey have created strong All Star Cheer teams for the 2021-2022 Season. We are so humbled by the size of our programs, with both locations well over 250 athletes. Stay tuned for updates on all of our social media accounts.

New Jersey Teams

  • Senior Elite L5: Roar
  • Senior Elite L4.2: Platinum
  • Senior Elite L3: Sr Gold
  • Junior Elite L4: Onyx
  • Junior Elite L3: Jr Gold
  • Junior Elite L2: Jr White
  • Junior Elite L1: Chrome
  • Youth Elite L1: Youth Black
  • Mini Elite L1: Mini Elite Neon
  • Junior Prep 1.1: Junior Silver
  • Mini Prep 1.1: Mini Pink
  • Mini Novice: Mini Rubies
  • Tiny Novice: Tiny Sparkles
  • Tiny Fundamentals: Tiny Twinkles

Atlanta Teams

  • Senior Coed Elite L6: Smack
  • Senior Coed Elite L5: Boom
  • Senior Elite L4: Swoosh
  • Senior Elite L4.2: Fame
  • Senior Elite L3: Slam
  • Junior Elite L4: Crush
  • Junior Elite L3: Aces
  • Junior Elite L2: Hype
  • Youth Elite L1: Bullseye
  • Junior Prep L2.1: Strike
  • Youth Prep L1.1: Jackpot
  • Tiny Novice: Rookies

Please e-mail us if you are interested in joining our nationally ranked All Star Cheer program. 

New Jersey